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[Mascot] - The Punk Squirrel (1/3) by Lupizora [Mascot] - The Punk Squirrel (1/3) by Lupizora
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Hello guys! How are you? :iconwave-uplz: 

After thinking it over for a while, I realized that CryWolf-Girl doesn't really represent me as a person (not fashion wise, not personality wise either). So... here is my new Mascot, Vicky~ :squee:

She is a squirrel kemonomimi, based on the lovely Russian Red Squirrel! I don't admit it often, but I was in love with squirrels since I was a kid and after seeing this cute photoshot [link], it came to me. There is also an open secret that when you get past my shyness, I'm hella hyperactive XD Well there is some wishfull thinking in the design (fashion wise), but I'm definitely gonna make it into a reality in the future~ :P

Some info:

Bookworm | Writer-wannabe | Closet Yaoi/Yuri Fan 
Gender: Female, Height: 1.55 cm, Age: 20.
Personality: Super Talkative, Easily excited, Happy-go-lucky, Crybaby, Hasty as hell.
I hope you like her~ Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 

Sorry if your punk asthetics are different, but the original punk ideology (from what I've read) was about dressing the way you want, not what society generaly approves. So it's not all about spikes :P

Everything (besides the original sketch) was drawn on SAI, mostly with my laptop's touchpad (my mouse was dead). My hand is a bit dead too... :faint:
SmlArt Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
nice design and colours!
Lupizora Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, dear~ :hug:
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May 2, 2015
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